Create an account and email your proof of MIL/LEO/GOV/EMS to or if you have already been verified, login to see MIL/LEO/GOV/EMS pricing for Vortex Optics products.


What qualifies as proof that you are a government employee and eligible to get the Vortex Nation 40% discount?

You must be a resident of California.   

At this time N.A.G Industries cannot sell or ship Vortex Optics products outside of California.  If you are outside of California, shoot us an email and we will get you in touch with the proper rep for your area. Our goal is customer service so if you have questions please reach out!

Send us verification

Active military

Send an email from your .mil email address and a copy of your valid California driver's license or state ID.  


Send a copy of your  DD 214 with your Social Security Number blacked out or Veteran ID Card  and a copy of your valid California driver's license or state ID.

California Law Enforcement Officers

Send a copy of your department ID

California Firefighters and EMS Employees

Send a copy of proof of employment from your department

We will notify you as soon as we approve your account.  Usually within 24 hours

* Please make sure that any sensitive information is completely obscured before you copy and send any identification to us.