Create an account and email your proof of MIL/LEO/GOV/EMS to or if you have already been verified, login to see MIL/LEO/GOV/EMS pricing for Vortex Optics products.

What qualifies as proof that you are a government employee and eligible to get the Vortex Nation 40% discount?

Active military

Send an email from your .mil email address


Send a copy of your  DD 214 with your Social Security Number blacked out or Veteran ID Card.

Law Enforcement Officers

Send a copy of your department ID.

Firefighters and EMS Employees

Send a copy of proof of employment from your department or department email address

We will notify you as soon as we approve your account.  Typically within 24 – 48 hours

* Please make sure that any sensitive information is completely obscured before you copy and send any identification to us. 

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