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EMS 1500 Medical Kit

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The EMS 1500 Kit is our small medical kit. Equipped to treat 6-8 patients from minor ailments to major trauma. The 1500 is packed out in a 18.5”X14”X7” lifetime warranty Pelican case. This crushproof watertight case maintains buoyancy up to 50lbs. All the medical and trauma supplies are organized in our Rapid Response Organizational System (RROS) for quick access. The supplies and equipment range from basic over-the-counter medication and bandaids to military grade tourniquets, burn dressings and a pulse oximeter.


2x Tourniquet
2x Hemostatic Gauze
2x Petroleum Gauze
2x 6” Emergency Trauma Dressing
2x 4” Emergency Trauma Dressing
1x LGE ABD Emergency Trauma Dressing 3x Compression Gauze
1x Ready Heat Blanket
1x Emergency Blanket
1x Burn Dressing 8x8
1x Burn Dressing 5x5
5x Wound Closure Strips (PK 10)
5x Sterile Dressing 4x4
5x Sterile Dressing 2x2
3x Sterile Dressing 5x9
1x Elastic Bandage 3”
2x Elastic Bandage 6”
1x Self-Adhesive Wrap 4” 6x Triangular Bandages
2x Splint 36”
2x Eye Shields
1x Eye Wash 4oz
1x Trauma Shears
5x (Pr) Gloves, Lrg.
1x Penlight
1x Tape 2”
1x Tape 1”
1x CPR Mask (Micro)
2x Wound Irrigation (20ml) 1x Splinter Forceps
4x Patient Care Card
5x Oral Rehydration Salts 5x Ammonia Inhalants
6x Disposable Thermometers
OTC Meds
5x Lrg. Organizational Bags 1x 1500 Pelican Case


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